Here is a little story about the extension of our house.

Tuesday September 8 at 06:30 we were waked up by plinth stone supplier
Around 8 o'clock the workers arrived, and a little later, a big machine (excavator) arrived that one completely destroy a part of my garden (with a little help of the cargo with the concrete to then plinth) - anyway after some years I have a garden again...
Friday September 11 the plinth is finished and isolation of the floor is almost in place
Wednesday September 16 the 1st concrete layer of the floor is made, they write my name in it - for fun
Monday September 28 I have look around at Zealand for bricks to the walls. I have to find bricks similarly to the bricks of the existing house, I visit many brick factories that day, and I got some samples with me home and found one type that was in the satisfying colour.
I got the stones Sunday October 4.
At this time the extension was delayed one month!
Monday October 12. Now they have started building the wall. The outer wall of the house end at north is now 1,6m high. I can see, it was a good decision, to find the right bricks, they match the old house.

Tuesday October 13: The outer wall at west is now 1,6m. A little bit of the eastern wall is made too. Thursday October 15 the eastern wall is up in 1,6m, except a little area where I have to insert ventilation from bathroom in the basement. October 19 all in and outer walls are made up to 1,6m. October 29 all the walls are in full height and the carpenters can come and put on the spears
The carpenters arrived Friday October 30 and Monday November 2 the set up the spears. That day I receive all the doors & windows, the have to be painted. Tuesday the go on with the roof, isolation, roof plates and so on. Thursday November 5 the doors and windows are in place.
Now they prepare the entry between the extension and the basement of the old house. Unfortunately this more difficult than expected, a lot of small but solid rocks are used in the old plinth, so the workers use a couple of days for this! November 16 there is an exciting concave with entry from the basement. In the weekend I borrow the concrete hammer in order to make a new hole for the bathroom window - I invite my friend to do this task.

Just before Christmas my wife & I have painted the walls, and the ceilings, and the workers have put on the floor of ash.
The extension was not completely finished as promised before Christmas, but we manage to celebrate the Christmas and the new years evening.
The roofing-felt is put on now January 7.
January 13 a stairway is delivered to connect the old house with the extension. Now I get busy with removing the old stairway in the old - Uhhhh! Just thinking make me tired...
It does not goes smooth with changing of the old house. There is lot of thing to do, and I have to do it by my self and family only - no more money for workers..
After removing the stairway, a new floor and ceiling has to be made at that place. Then I could start with the changes of the previous daily room into two kinder rooms and a spare room. The first room is ready to use at end of April, both of my daughters help with this.
In the beginning of December 1999 Pia's room were finished (except for some small things...) The entrance hall and out sleeping is the next part of project, it was not finished before year 2000. I was busy with my job and was travelling a lot, and then it was Christmas..
2004 - 2005
There has happened a lot since, but I have to prepare the web too.. The entrance is completed, I have made some terraces, replaced the garden house with a bigger one and so on.

Click at the drawing if you want to have a closer look at it, the size of the drawings is about 200K 432K